Newsletter | February 12, 2021

02.12.21 -- 4 Considerations To Optimize Insourcing And Outsourcing

Accelerate Your Pipeline With CDMO Collaboration

Collaborating with a CDMO can augment your capacity and expertise, refine your processes, and, ultimately, shorten your time-to-market. This e-book offers best practices that make working with a CDMO as efficient as possible.

Is Not Using A CDMO Slowing Down Your Process Development?
Consider what process development capabilities you have versus what you could possibly gain from working with a CDMO to not only be successful but also improve your chances of getting to market sooner.
The Transparent CDMO: Maintain Autonomy In Biomanufacturing Partnership

Complete transparency and open communication are both critical for a successful partnership. What business practices should you look for to ensure your CDMO can offer this type of commitment?

Bridging The Skills Gap In Biopharma
Your employees must have the skills necessary to effectively execute on process development and manufacturing operations. How can you ensure they are up to date on today’s complex bioprocessing techniques and technologies?