Newsletter | July 18, 2022

07.18.22 -- Advancing Upstream Process Development

3 Steps To Optimize The Fed-Batch Process For mAb Production

Identifying some key items about your cell line from the beginning, such as the nutrients it needs over the culture time, impact of metabolites, and critical osmolality, can help to rapidly design a simple daily feeding regimen to perform a production scale. This article describes a straightforward way to achieve a high-performing fed-batch process.

Optimizing Process Efficiency In Upstream Manufacturing

Increasing the integration of upstream and downstream processing and moving toward increased automation results in greater optimization of process efficiency — a key goal for biopharma production. Learn how several different approaches and technologies can improve the efficiency of upstream processing, including cell line development, process intensification, real-time analytics, and process integration.

Simplify Bioreactor Scale-Up And Scale-Down

In this article, we give an overview on the theory of scaling. Next, we present workflows and strategies and discuss which data are needed for successful scaling. Then, we introduce a scaling tool developed by Cytiva and present several case studies using the tool.

Supply Chain Security: Focus On Raw Material Variability

Qualifying two suppliers, increasing capacity, implementing a scorecard methodology for strategic suppliers, and surveying suppliers for their number of production lines are all important ways to guarantee steady supply of materials and technologies — but we must ensure close attention is also paid to raw materials.

Buffer Management Solutions For Large-Scale Biomanufacturing

We present different approaches to resolve buffer management challenges in large-scale biomanufacturing and discuss how outsourcing buffers and technologies, such as inline conditioning (IC) and inline dilution (ILD), can help prevent resource constraints, save time, and reduce manufacturing footprint and overall cost in buffer preparation.

Guide To Cell Culture Media And Supplements

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