Newsletter | June 25, 2020

06.25.20 -- An Inside Look At Canada's Biosimilar Transitions

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Is Your Biologics At Risk For Protein Aggregation? Part 3

The main culprit of a failing biologics drug is usually a flawed formulation. In this article, we cover formulation components and how they may affect protein aggregation. Part three of a three-part series.

Effects Of Feeding Strategy On CHO Cell Performance In Fed-Batch Cultures Using HyClone ActiPro Medium And Cell Boost 7a And 7b Supplements

ActiPro cell culture production medium is intended to be used in combination with Cell Boost 7a and 7b supplements to enhance recombinant protein production in fed-batch or perfusion processes. This work demonstrates the development of a fed-batch process for a CHO cell line producing a monoclonal antibody (mAb). The results emphasize the importance of an appropriate feeding strategy to achieve optimal cell growth and productivity.

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