Newsletter | February 13, 2020

02.13.20 -- Biosimilar Initiatives For A New Decade

Featured Editorial
Sandoz Execs: Biosimilar Initiatives For A New Decade
By Anna Rose Welch, editor, Biosimilar Development

Sandoz's William Yoon and Sheila Frame reveal their expectations for the biosimilar industry, touching upon what education efforts are still needed and what trends in the broader pharmaceutical and healthcare market will be influential for future waves of biosimilar development and access.

Prepared For Impending Changes To U.S. Biologics And Biosimilars Law?
By Kate Cook, Greenleaf Health

The Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2020, signed into law on December 20, 2019, contains three provisions with implications for transition products. This article will review each of these three provisions — and their potential impact on sponsors — in further detail.

Industry Insights
Unexpected SEC Results: Can It Be Improved?
Q&A | By Jon Lundqvist, GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Sometimes your size exclusion chromatography (SEC) results don’t look like you want them to. Fix issues such as poor resolution, peak tailing, and fronting with the tips in this FAQ.

Exclusive: Biosimilars Market Report

The laws establishing the U.S. biosimilar approval pathway were passed in 2010, but the market for biosimilars is only beginning to gain speed. How did the U.S. biosimilar market arrive at this point today? Where will it be in 2023 and 2025?

Where the U.S. Biosimilar Market Is Heading and When It Might Get There is a pragmatic new report by biosimilar industry journalist Stanton Mehr. Click here and use Biosimilar Development’s promo code BD2020 for an exclusive discount.

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