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03.17.16 -- Can Biohacking Bring New Insulin Biosimilar To Market?

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Biohacking: Bringing Patient Centricity To Biologics Drug Development
By Anna Rose Welch, Editor, Biosimilar Development   By Anna Rose Welch, Editor, Biosimilar Development
The insulin market has yet to see generic competition. However, one team of scientists known as biohackers aims to identify a cost-effective protocol for the development of biosimilar wild-type insulin. Getting this treatment approved for market use may not be the primary goal for this group, but the Open Insulin project speaks volumes about the role patients and regular citizens can play in modern drug development.  
New Biologics Create Need For Patient-Friendly Injectors
By Ed Miseta, Editor, Clinical Leader   By Ed Miseta, Editor, Clinical Leader
Analysts forecast that by the end of 2016, 50 percent of the top 100 drugs on the market will be biologics. Currently, more than 900 biologic drugs are in development to treat a broad range of conditions, including cancers, immunologic disorders, and rare and chronic diseases. That the majority of new injectable treatments are biologics will present a new challenge in delivery of the medicines.
DFM Guidelines For Early Combination Product Design
By Bill Welch, CTO, Phillips-Medisize   By Bill Welch, CTO, Phillips-Medisize
It's a given that next-generation medical devices will be smaller and smarter. But to achieve such designs, improve patient adherence, and limit the risk of product recalls, manufacturers will need to follow design for manufacturing (DFM) principles aimed at creating more usable, intuitive, and desirable devices for patients. Learn how having an integrated product development process combining human-centered design (HCD) principles with a DFM philosophy can make a dramatic difference in the outcomes of combination product design.
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