Newsletter | January 20, 2022

01.20.22 -- Data Integrity: New & Pending Guidances

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8 mm Needle: Improving Subcutaneous Chronic Drug Delivery

Reducing needle length can improve the risk profile of subcutaneous injections and can make injecting viscous formulations easier and quicker.

8 Misconceptions About Embedded CDMOs

Access to the expert capabilities of embedded CDMOs is offering great economies and competitive experience to the sector.

Fundamentals Of Size Exclusion Chromatography

Size exclusion chromatography (SEC), also known as gel filtration, is the mildest of all chromatography techniques. SEC separates molecules by their differences in size as they pass through a resin packed in a column. You can use SEC for both preparative and analytical studies of your protein. But how do you know which parameters will give you the best resolution of your protein mixture?

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