Newsletter | January 20, 2023

01.20.23 -- De-Risking Combination Product Development For Biosimilars

De-Risking Biosimilar Development With A Clinically Validated And Commercially Proven Disposable Autoinjector
The biosimilar development market is becoming increasingly competitive, putting first-to-market biopharmaceutical companies at a key advantage. Discover how to de-risk the launch process by choosing a suitable autoinjector technology and partner.
Integrated Systems For Sophisticated Drug Device Combination Products

In this interview, experts discuss the benefits of using integrated systems for sophisticated drug device combination products with multiple device subsystems, and the crucial role a partner can play as a systems integrator.

Partner Perspectives To De-Risk Commercialization Of Combination Products
Developing an effective drug-device combination product for self-administered biologics is complex. A well-executed strategy will help support integration with manufacturing operations and successful drug delivery.
BD Physioject™ 1 mL Disposable Autoinjector

The BD Physioject™ 1 mL Disposable Autoinjector is an easy-to-use autoinjector designed to deliver fixed dose injections subcutaneously.

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