Newsletter | July 15, 2021

07.15.21 -- Emerging Technologies In Protein And Peptide Delivery

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Developing A Continuous Large-Scale Perfusion Cell Culture Process

The key benefits of perfusion processes are compact process design, flexibility, increased productivity, increased yield, and consistent product quality. 

Addressing The Evolving Needs Of Variable Drug Delivery Regimens

Explore a wearable solution designed to enable new delivery formats in alternate settings with customization to support adjustments and variations in treatment regimens. This article discusses the BD Evolve™ On-body Injector and describes how the device is specifically designed to meet patient requirements and address the rapidly evolving needs of the pharma industry.

Embedding Your Drug Strategy Within A Solid Foundation For Success

This white paper looks at the set of trends influencing pharmaceutical development and manufacturing strategy today, and how these drivers are influencing new business models with outsourcing partners. 

Purification Of mRNA By Affinity Chromatography On CIMmultus® Oligo dT Column

Increasing demand for messenger RNA (mRNA) as a therapeutic product requires efficient and scalable purification methods. In this application note on CIMmultus® Oligo dT, a monolithic stationary phase is used for purification of mRNA from a capping mix of Luc2 RNA. The large channels and convective mass transfer within the stationary phase eliminate shear forces and allow high flow rates, which leads to very short purification times and high recoveries.

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