Newsletter | January 28, 2022

01.28.22 -- Enabling An Improved Patient Experience Through Innovative Solutions

How Shorter Needles With Thinner Walls Are Set To Improve The Injection Experience In Chronic Care

Review the research and design mindset applied to the development of the BD Neopak™ XtraFlow™ Glass Prefillable syringe and how the anticipated clinical benefits of 8 mm needles will support their broad adoption over time for subcutaneous drug delivery, particularly for use in chronic care settings.

Identifying New, Enhanced Device Delivery Solutions For Chronic Diseases

Needle innovations, including the usage of shorter needles with ultra-thin wall technology for prefilled syringes, support the delivery of drugs with greater volumes and viscosities, which greatly enhances end-user experience.

Enabling Biologic Drug Delivery Of Volumes Beyond 1 mL

Delivery system manufacturers need to use methodologies and tools to manage conflicting requirements and to offer delivery solutions that balance performance, robustness, and usability while delivering higher volume or viscous biologics.

Selecting Drug Delivery Systems For Higher Doses, Higher Viscosities, And Lower Risk

The development of new parenteral biologics with high-volume, high-viscosity formulations is prompting the need for devices that can deliver with the ease, safety, and low injection time required for self-injection. Discover how pharmaceutical and biotech companies can de-risk their device selection.

BD UltraSafe Plus™ 2.25ml Passive Needle Guard

The BD UltraSafe Plus™ 2.25 mL Passive Needle Guard features an ergonomic design to help support injection comfort and ease of use.

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