Evaluation Of ÄKTA™ Readyflux For Ultrafiltration To High Protein Concentration

Source: GE Healthcare Life Sciences
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ÄKTA readyflux is an automated single-use filtration system for pilot and small-scale manufacturing. Designed for crossflow (also called tangential flow) filtration applications in upstream and downstream workflows, the system allows for use of both filter cassettes and hollow fiber filter cartridges for microfiltration and ultrafiltration operations. ÄKTA readyflux is controlled by UNICORN™ software and employs a gamma-irradiated single-use flow-path comprising tubing, pumps and sensors. The retentate vessel is a single-use bag.

This study, performed with a prototype system, was designed to confirm the system’s suitability for concentration and diafiltration steps, called UF/DF in this poster, to high final concentrations up to 150 g/L. Evaluation parameters were target concentration, TMP control stability, retentate mixing quality, potential impact of shear, and yield.