Newsletter | September 14, 2021

09.14.21 -- Five Companies' Perspectives On Developing Cell And Gene Therapies

Simplification And Scale-Up Of Cold Chain Logistics For Cell Therapy With Celyad Oncology

Because cell therapies must be stored and shipped at very low temperatures, maintaining a therapeutic’s integrity through cryopreservation has far-reaching implications for both its efficacy and long-term commercial success. Thomas Lequertier, Celyad Oncology, recently discussed how his company has approached cold chain technology for its CAR-T therapies.

The Cell And Gene Talent Crunch: Attracting Top-Notch Employees From GSK’s Perspective

The question of how to develop, attract, and retain an advanced therapy, development, manufacturing, and clinical workforce is especially important for emerging biopharma companies. Michael Mehler shares valuable insights into what it takes to identify and draw a trained workforce to your doorstep.

Implementing GMP Compliantly For Phase I Clinical Trials, With Cartesian Therapeutics

For nascent cell and gene therapies, navigating the earliest phases of clinical development can prove particularly challenging, as even small issues in manufacturing can cause big problems. Here Dr. Murat Kalayoglu, Cartesian Therapeutics, talks about the importance of focusing on GMP manufacturing during Phase I clinical trials to maximize a therapy's potential for success.

Digital Transformation In Cell Therapy: Organicell’s Machine Learning Advancements

Machine learning, automation, and bioinformatics are transforming the biopharmaceutical space, enabling faster and more efficient discovery and development than ever before. Drs. Mari Mitrani and Michael Bellio discuss how their company, Organicell, has prioritized machine learning since its inception, and what they and other biopharmas are aiming to do with it in years to come.

Building A CAR-T Platform Cost-Effectively And Suited For Scalability

Two of the biggest challenges facing the cell and gene therapy space today — controlling costs and optimizing scalability — have the potential to be addressed by companies through innovative, integrated technology solutions. Dr. Helen Sabzevari discusses how her company, Precigen, has used customized therapeutic and platform technologies to tackle scale-up in the CAR-T therapeutics space.