Newsletter | January 31, 2020

01.31.20 -- Forging The Path For Efficient And Economical Viral Vector Production

Lentiviral Vector Scale-Up Workflow In Single-Use Bioreactors Enables GMP Compliance

As gene transfer vehicles, lentiviruses exhibit many desirable properties, such as high transduction efficiencies, ability to infect both dividing and nondividing cells, and stable integration into the host cell genome. However, cost-effective manufacturing of lentiviral vectors at commercial scales has proven difficult and remains a pressing issue for the marketing of therapies that depend on their application.

Tips For Viral Vector Production

The viral vector market is highly active, and the interest in production technologies is driven by recent approvals in cell and gene therapy. Here, insights around the challenges in viral vector manufacturing are shared so that a scalable and cost-efficient process suitable for GMP manufacturing environments can be obtained.

Translating Biopharma Knowledge To Solve Complexities Of Cell And Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Streamlining, connecting, and automating workflows to shape the future of cellular treatment delivery has the potential to transform how we treat and potentially cure once life-threatening diseases.

How Modular Facilities Are Helping Scale Up Manufacturing Of Viral Vector-Based Therapies

Manufacturing viral vector-based therapies, such as vaccines and gene and cell therapies, is complex, but a new manufacturing solution helps solve the challenges.

New KUBio box For Viral Vectors Accelerates Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Our industry is experiencing rapid growth in cell and gene therapies. There are over 700 clinical trials underway and approximately 70% utilize viral vectors. The resulting manufacturing capacity shortage requires practical solutions. KUBio box for viral vectors is a turn-key modular platform that provides rapid access to viral vector manufacturing.