Newsletter | May 24, 2021

05.24.21 -- Get It Right The First Time: Pioneering In Biotech Start-Ups

Considerations For Upstream Biologic Development

A biologic candidate's path from DNA to drug-in-vial is long and complex. These considerations might simplify and improve the economics of the process, helping molecules get to market as quickly as possible.

Hiring Challenges In Bioprocessing For Startups

Hiring bioprocessing pros has been a stubborn problem for more than a decade, challenging startup companies as the supply of qualified staff gets tighter. Here's how the industry could solve the problem.

Accelerating Cell Line And Process Development

This article describes rapid identification of high-producing cell lines, media feed optimization, and a bioreactor scale-up approach for consistent, reliable upstream bioprocess development.

COVID-19's Impact On Bioprocessing: PART 3 — Long-Term Changes

Although suppliers have proven themselves rather robust in their dealing with the pandemic, and business is continuing generally uninterrupted, there will be significant long-term changes.