Newsletter | September 2, 2021

09.02.21 -- Got Microorganisms? Determining Risk To Your Drug Product

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Does Selecting A CDMO Based On Contract Price Really Save You Money?

Before you sign on the dotted line, do a little digging to unearth potential costs that could turn your development program into a cash-burning exercise.

Intensified And Improved Fed-Batch Production Process: High-Density N-1 Perfusion

The method described here allows you to intensify your fed-batch process through reduced production duration without affecting the growth or titer profile.

Standing Out In The Crowded Biopharma CDMO Market

This presentation addresses what motivates drug innovators to outsource, who is involved in service provider selection, and which attributes have the greatest influence on CDMO selection.

Similar Enough Product Characterization To Support Process Changes And Biosimilar Development

Small differences in manufacturing conditions can have dramatic effects on a product’s structure and biological activity. Characterization is essential to understand the impact following process changes and successful biosimilar development. We will provide best approaches for comparability studies.

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