Newsletter | September 12, 2022

09.12.22 -- How Biopharma Leaders Are Pursuing Funding, Advocacy, And Regulatory Convergence

Gene Therapies For Better Kidney Treatments With Purespring Therapeutics

Richard Francis, CEO of Purespring Therapeutics, a gene therapy company focused on pioneering more accessible, less burdensome treatment options, has spent decades trying to commercialize sea-change treatments for patients who need them. Francis explores the importance of pursuing new treatments for kidney conditions and why he believes Purespring is poised for long-range commercial success.

Venture Philanthropy With Opus Genetics: The Business Of Biotech

While the advanced therapy space continues to grow by leaps and bounds, many of the drugs currently in the development pipeline are in danger of never reaching commercialization, owing to the relatively small patient populations they target. Overcoming the obstacles inherent to bringing rare disease treatments to market will require new, more agile approaches from players across the space. Hear more from Dr. Ben Yerxa, CEO of newly formed biotech, Opus Genetics.

Hybrid Funding Models With Silence Therapeutics' Craig Tooman

Without the funding and structure needed to enter a competitive and volatile market, many nascent companies and promising therapeutics can stall out well before reaching their commercial potential. Craig Tooman, president and CEO of Silence Therapeutics, discusses his approach to weathering an uncertain market and how Silence is innovating across its business.

SparingVision's Stéphane Boissel: Pursuing Aggressive Advocacy

With over 25 years of experience, from corporate finance to strategy to business development, SparingVision President and CEO Stéphane Boissel has helped shape the success of companies like TxCell USA, Genclis, Innate Pharma, and Transgene. Boissel reviews his approach to SparingVision's growth strategy and its progress in the pursuit of gene therapies to address inherited retinal diseases like retinitis pigmentosa.

Regulatory Convergence With Aurion Biotech

Advanced therapeutics are as complex as they are promising. Establishing a global regulatory strategy for these modalities requires a comprehensive, multifaceted approach that accounts for every phase of scale-up and commercialization. Dr. Daniela Drago, chief regulatory officer at Aurion Biotech, explores some of the intricacies of navigating international regulatory affairs.