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07.18.19 -- How Can Biosimilars Make Headway In The U.S.?

Featured Editorial
How Can Biosimilars Make Headway In The U.S. Market?
By Anna Rose Welch, editor, Biosimilar Development

In this Q&A, three experts share their thoughts on how the biosimilar market is currently unfolding in the U.S., some of the lessons that can still be learned from other countries, as well as what have been the biggest innovations to occur in the biosimilar space thus far.

Maintenance 4.0: The Next Revolution In Bio/Pharma Manufacturing
By Tobias Kuners of Koenders, Tob Management

The next stage in maintenance management, Maintenance 4.0, is to go beyond predictive to the initial stage of an asset — commissioning the assets and deploying the same tools and techniques to set the measures within the design specification from the beginning onward and using indicative measures to keep the asset in its original design specification.

Industry Insights
The Current Landscape For Developing Biosimilars In India
Article | By Ankita Bhargava, Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, India

As India’s biosimilar market moves toward a promising future it is important to gain an overview of the current regulatory and clinical expectations in India for biosimilar products.

Don’t Let Insufficient Data Undermine Your CMO And CRO Selection Processes
Article | By Kevin Olson, ISR Reports

Selecting a partner is challenging, but with the right information you can simplify your efforts and increase your likelihood of making the best decision. 

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