Newsletter | August 19, 2021

08.19.21 -- How To Select The Best Human Factors Method For Your Drug Device

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Intensified And Improved Fed-Batch Production Process: High-Density N-1 Perfusion

The method described here allows you to intensify your fed-batch process through reduced production duration without affecting the growth or titer profile.

Capitalize On Merger/Acquisition: 4 Tips To Consolidate Your CMO Network

Complex CMO networks are expensive and require many resources to manage. Plus, they prevent purchasing and operating at scale. Yet, the process of consolidating CMOs is daunting.

Blazar Platform: Rodent Virus Panel From The BioReliance Portfolio

Did you know about the alternative rapid method for in vivo mouse, rat, and hamster antibody production (MAP/HAP/RAP) testing? Download our tech note, Blazar Platform: Rodent Virus Panel, from The BioReliance Portfolio, to learn more about our novel degenerate polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assay designed for the detection of a broad range of adventitious agents.

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