Newsletter | June 3, 2021

06.03.21 -- Implementing Small-Scale Models For Biopharmaceutical Development

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Quality By Design Approach To Enable High-Dose Drug Delivery With Autoinjectors
Designing self-injection systems to deliver biological drugs into the subcutaneous space has specific challenges relative to those required for the safe and efficacious delivery of traditional pharmaceuticals. A quality by design (QbD) approach can manage all the unavoidable competing requirements and balance performance, robustness, and usability.
A Multiscale Approach To Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) Media Benchmarking
Competitive commercial Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) processes demand a balanced combination of media, process, and production clones to achieve optimal performance. The aim of this study was to apply a multiscale approach to efficiently screen combinations of chemically defined commercial media and various CHO production clones using benchtop bioreactor systems.
Liposomal And Nanoparticle Technology At Pfizer Melbourne

In recent years, liposome technologies have become an important part of the drug delivery armory, with several marketed products now available for use and many more formulations being evaluated in clinical trials.

How Buffer pH And NaCl Affect Size Exclusion Chromatography

Using a design of experiments (DoE) approach, this study describes the effect of buffer pH and NaCl concentration on proteins purified by size exclusion chromatography.

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