Newsletter | June 11, 2019

06.11.19 -- Improve Downstream Productivity With Novel Resin Designs


Novel Purification Tools Increase Productivity And Throughput

Efficiency, speed, yield, and purity are paramount for biotherapeutic purification processes. Although, now faced with increased levels of aggregates and other impurities, process developers strive to achieve a high level of product recovery, lower cost per batch, improved return on R&D investments, and ultimately lower price for patients. New chromatography resin designs now provide a way to meet these demands.

Achieving High Purity And Recovery

Mixed-mode chromatography utilizes two or more interaction principles, leading to unique separation behaviors. New mixed-mode resins have become an essential tool in the process developer’s toolbox. This study examines the use of a hydrophobic AEX resin for refined selectivity.

High-Throughput Purification

Process resins for large molecules should be designed to meet current and future bioprocessing needs. This study presents a strong AEX resin that delivers high DBC and fast mass transfer kinetics for the purification of molecules like plasma proteins, viruses, VLPs, and PEGylated proteins.

Single-Step Virus Purification

Large-scale downstream processing of viruses for clinical applications poses challenges different from those of other biotherapeutics. These difficulties mostly arise from the size and complexity of the virus. In this study, mixed-mode chromatography is used for the purification of a wide variety of viruses.

Delivering Value For Biosimilar Purification

The global biosimilars market is set for continued growth. Biosimilars are significantly cheaper than biologics due to the shorter development time and fewer associated costs. Non-affinity purification platforms are proposed in this study to improve overall process economics and results.

Chromatography Resin Screening

Screening chromatography resins can accelerate method development and improve downstream purification workflows. Request samples of Nuvia aPrime 4A, CHT XT, and Nuvia HP-Q today and optimize your conditions using DoE.


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