Newsletter | February 9, 2022

02.09.22 -- Industry Experts Weigh In On BioPharma's New Future, Logistics, And Scalability Within Cell And Gene Therapy

BioPharma’s New Future: Genomic Medicine And The Tools That Will Help Us Realize Its Potential

New technologies and collaborations driving the democratization of RNA therapeutics are creating an explosion of opportunity for any company interested in pursuing the development of these transformative medicines.

Simplification And Scale-Up Of Cold Chain Logistics For Cell Therapy With Celyad Oncology
Because cell therapies must be stored and shipped at very low temperatures, maintaining a therapeutic’s integrity through cryopreservation has far-reaching implications for both its efficacy and long-term commercial success. Thomas Lequertier, Celyad Oncology, recently discussed how his company has approached cold chain technology for its CAR-T therapies.
Tips On Achieving Cell And Gene Manufacturing Scalability

Scale-up is one of the greatest obstacles that gene therapy companies face. Geoff MacKay, president and CEO of AVROBIO, talks with the Business of Biotech podcast about the scale-up obstacles facing the cell and gene therapy space and how AVROBIO is working to tackle them.

The Importance Of CMC Developability Assessments

AltruBio's vice president of technical development, Dr. Gene Lee, says that the business case for any therapeutic starts with a chemistry, manufacturing, and control (CMC) developability assessment. Dr. Lee discusses getting the developability question right and why it’s important to understand your end game as early as discovery.

Building A CAR-T Platform Cost-Effectively And Suited For Scalability

Two of the biggest challenges facing the cell and gene therapy space today — controlling costs and optimizing scalability — have the potential to be addressed through innovative, integrated technology solutions. Dr. Helen Sabzevari discusses how Precigen has used customized therapeutic and platform technologies to tackle scale-up in the CAR-T therapeutics space.