Newsletter | November 19, 2020

11.19.20 -- IQVIA's U.S. Biosimilar Report: Your Most Pressing Questions Answered

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Sponsor Challenges When Outsourcing Sterile Injectables

ISR asked outsourcers of sterile injectable drug products to identify their biggest challenges when outsourcing to CDMOs/CMOs. Here's a look at the resulting nearly four-way tie.

Manufacturing Of Sterile Aqueous Suspensions: A Primer

Sterile suspensions are particularly difficult to manufacture. This technical article covers factors for success, including particle size, vehicle formulation, and considerations for high-shear mixing. 

10 Tips For Setting Up A Successful Cell Sorting Experiment

Presented here are some tips to keep in mind when starting a cell sorting experiment. They will help you to maximize cell viability, separation, and isolation, and set you up for successful downstream applications.

Optimizing Drug Safety And Efficacy Of Complex Next-Generation Biologics

Challenges exist when developing biologics drugs to be efficacious but safe. Novel analytical techniques, such as surface plasmon resonance, can help circumvent these issues and optimize development.

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