Newsletter | August 26, 2021

08.26.21 -- Is The Legislative Intent Of The BPCIA In Danger?

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Is Your Biologics At Risk For Protein Aggregation? Part 3

The main culprit of a failing biologics drug is usually a flawed formulation. In this article, we cover formulation components and how they may affect protein aggregation. Part three of a three-part series.

Enabling Broader Adoption Of Process Intensification In Biopharma

Process intensification (PI) is becoming increasingly well-understood and its utility is continuously evolving to meet specific manufacturer needs, from product development to manufacturing, whether approached stepwise or end-to-end.

6 Reasons You Don’t Use Pharmaceutical Market Research

If you're using one of these six excuses for ignoring pharma market research, you're failing to understand barriers to success, missing the market’s perspective, and leaving assumptions unvalidated.

Purifying Infectious Virus Particles Using ÄKTA Start

Making it easier to purify virus particles can help accelerate developments in virology. This application note demonstrates a chromatography method for purifying reovirus RNA virus particles using ÄKTA start, our benchtop chromatography system, and HiTrap brand columns with Capto brand Core 700 resin.

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