Newsletter | April 23, 2021

04.23.21 -- Make Buffer Management And Chromatography Your Competitive Advantages

Developing A Closed Connected Single-Use mAb Purification Process

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are striving for more diversified portfolios targeting a greater number of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). The key to driving down overall costs is to lower capital expenditure (CAPEX) investments by better utilization of equipment. This article provides an overview of a successfully designed closed and physically connected mAb process at the pilot scale with single-use components.

Buffer Management Solutions For Large-Scale Biomanufacturing

Buffer preparation is one of the most resource-intensive activities in biomanufacturing due to the large number and overall volume of buffers and process liquids used in a typical bioprocess workflow. As a result, buffer preparation can be prone to create bottlenecks in the manufacturing process. This article presents different approaches to resolve buffer management challenges in large-scale biomanufacturing.

Can You Trust A Machine For Downstream Bioprocess Buffer Preparation?
There is a limit to how many stainless-steel tanks you can squeeze into a biomanufacturing facility. Is automated buffer preparation a solution to the dilemma of balancing increased production capacity against limited footprint expansion alternatives?
Intensified Chromatography Strategies
Over the last couple of decades bioprocessing has used its existing technologies as efficiently as possible. However, with a newer toolbox of options to intensify downstream manufacturing operations now available, it is important to understand what factors should impact your decisions regarding the implementation of these innovative solutions.
Advancements In Antibody Purification

The demand for more efficient and agile downstream purification processes for diversified therapeutic antibody pipelines requires the development of new strategies and technologies. This webinar discusses emerging technologies and approaches for intensifying monoclonal antibody (mAb) purification, strategies for a diversified antibody pipeline including bispecific antibodies, fragments, and antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), as well as ways process development can improve process robustness, reduce risk, and speed time-to-market.