Featured Editorial
How This Employer-Driven Initiative Could Revolutionize Biosimilar Use
By Anna Rose Welch, editor, Biosimilar Development

Using “3D thinking” through the creation of data mapping, employers are gaining access to information they’ve never been privy to before that will enable them to identify savings opportunities and better design their benefits — which could mean increased traction for biosimilars.

FDA Shutdown: Assessing The Potential Impact On Innovation And Public Health
By Nancy Bradish Myers, Catalyst Healthcare Consulting, Inc.

As someone very familiar with the FDA, I am growing increasingly concerned that the longer the government shutdown continues — dragging the FDA along with it — the greater the potential for harm to the public health.

Industry Insights
What Pharma Is Doing To Triple Clinical Trial Successes
Article | By Kristen Slawinski and Laura Moriarty, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

With recent advances in precision medicine, more and more companies are using biomarker screening to identify and select the patients most likely to respond to specific therapies and exclude those prone to significant side effects.

Evolution Of Single-Use Bioprocessing Into BioPharm 4.0
Article | By Michelle Stafford, Pete Genest, and Randal Goomer, Ph.D., GE Healthcare Life Sciences

There is little doubt that single-use production will be part of every biomanufacturer’s strategy moving forward. The challenge now is to gain greater efficiency with smaller-scale flexible production schemes. How can using data analytics improve efficiency?

SUB Enhancements For High-Density Perfusion Cultures
Application Note | Thermo Fisher Scientific

This study presents how strategic enhancements to the sparge and agitation systems of Thermo Scientific HyPerforma SUBs have revealed the potential for a three- to four-fold improvement in mixing and mass transfer performance compared to legacy SUB designs.


For the very first time, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, will be the host city of our annual Biosimilar Medicines Conference, taking place on 28th and 29th of March 2019. During these two interactive days, leaders and world experts in biosimilar medicines will gather and debate the evolving biosimilar medicines landscape and new trends. Discussion will focus on setting aims and implementing good practices to achieve the depth, breadth, and speed of the use of biosimilar medicines as a lever to realize the access benefits.

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