Newsletter | December 15, 2021

12.15.21 -- Now You Don't Need To Be On The Plant Floor To Check On Your Production Run

Better Bioprocessing Efficiency Through Centralized Orchestration
In this talk we discuss how orchestration software improves bioprocessing efficiency through the centralized configuration and management of connected unit operations for process and workflow automation across the plant floor.
Automating Data Analytics Addresses Business Drivers, Accelerates Transition To Bioprocessing 4.0

Following successful Industry 4.0 implementation in the automotive, communications, aerospace, and other industries, the biopharma industry is now joining the digital revolution.

Convergent Bioprocessing: Standing At The Intersection Of Advanced Process And Digital Technologies

As Industry 4.0 principles are applied to the biomanufacturing arena and innovative digital technologies emerge, one might refer to the phenomenon as convergent bioprocessing.

Bio4C™ Orchestrator Software Product Demo

Orchestration software improves bioprocessing efficiency through automated and centralized data collection, process monitoring, reporting, recipe management, user management, and data backup/restoration. From a single browser window, an operator can remotely monitor and control multiple unit operations across the plant floor.

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