Application Note

Optimization Of Loading Conditions On Capto adhere Using Design Of Experiments

Source: GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Capto™ adhere is a strong ion exchanger with multimodal functionality designed for intermediate purification and polishing of monoclonal antibodies. Removal of remaining contaminants is achieved in flowthrough mode under conditions that allow the antibodies to pass directly through the column while the contaminants are adsorbed.

This Application Note describes the optimization of the loading conditions to obtain the window of operation for Capto adhere. In order to find the optimal conditions, a full factorial design of experiment (DoE) was used with three variables: pH, conductivity, and load. The implications of each result are discussed and general trends for how pH, conductivity, and sample load affect yield and purity are outlined.

The results demonstrate that it is possible to find a wide window of operation in terms of pH and conductivity.