Application Note

Optimizing Elution Conditions On Capto MMC Using Design Of Experiments

Source: GE Healthcare Life Sciences

The multimodal ligand of Capto™ MMC generally requires elution conditions that diff er from those used with traditional ion exchangers. This application note describes how Design of Experiments (DoE) can be used to optimize elution conditions and thus recovery of a target protein. The results are summarized as follows:

  • The effect of quantitative design factors, such as concentration of eluting salt, pH and ionic strength of the buffer, correlated positively with the recovery of the target protein. The qualitative factor, type of salt, also affected recovery.
  • The use of DoE proved to be an efficient way of investigating the effect of several parameters on target protein recovery. Furthermore, DoE revealed a curvature effect that could have been overlooked if multivariate analysis had not been applied.