Newsletter | February 11, 2015

02.11.15 -- Outsourced Pharma Newsletter - Biosimilars Gain Full Pharma Acceptance With Pfizer Deal

Outsourced Pharma Newsletter
Industry Analysis
Biosimilars Part 2: It's All About Dollars Now
By Louis Garguilo, Executive Editor, Outsourced Pharma
Time to table the discussion on the science of replicating biologics. It’s all about dollars now. Part 2 of our look at biosimilars in the United States.
FROM THE EDITOR: Pfizer Acquires Hospira: Biosimilars Gain Full Pharma Acceptance
By Louis Garguilo, Executive Editor, Outsourced Pharma
Just days after Outsourced Pharma’s in-depth, two-part article on Hospira and the role of biosimilars in global healthcare, and in which I asked Hospira’s Sumant Ramachandra whether he foresaw a future where a Pfizer comes to Hospira to work together on biosimilars, we have a definitive answer.
FROM THE EDITOR: Is A Customer-Centric Strategy A Fit For Pharmaceutical Manufacturing?
By Trisha Gladd, Editor, Pharmaceutical Online and BioProcess Online
In an industry such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, which typically focuses on improving operational excellence or coming up with the next big drug, is a business strategy with a customer-first focus the right fit?
» Drug Development
CASE STUDY: Contract Development: Accessing External Innovation
By Janice Cacace, Ph.D., Director, Formulation Development, CoreRx, Inc.
In the outsourcing business many outsiders assume price is the primary motivation of all this outsourcing, but in an industry in which the bestselling drugs bring in more than $1 billion a quarter it makes little sense to risk delays by making decisions based solely on cost.
WHITE PAPER: Using Analytics To Improve Clinical Trial Compliance And Retention
By Comprehend Systems
The success of every clinical trial hinges on recruiting and enrolling a statistically significant set of patients who meet specific enrollment criteria. The goal is to keep these people engaged through the end of the study to produce the quality data necessary to gain approval to market the drug or medical device being studied.
WEBINAR: Advancing Research In Skin Biology With Metabolomics
» Discovery Research/Preclinical Development
WHITE PAPER: 6 Crucial Steps For Establishing Humane Endpoints Before Your Preclinical Safety Study
By Dr. Dale M. Cooper, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACLAM
While development of humane endpoints for animals in preclinical safety studies is not an easy process, it is an absolute necessity.
» Packaging/Assembly/Logistics
WHITE PAPER: Is It Time For A Change? Alternatives And Selection Criteria To Water-Based Phasechange Materials
By Jean Bedard, CEO, Infitrak
The purpose of a complete temperature-controlled packaging system is to maintain an interior thermal environment sufficient to meet the product’s temperature requirements.
WHITE PAPER: Improving Corrective And Preventive Measures In The Pharma Supply Chain
WHITE PAPER: The Cost Of A Broken Vaccine Cold Chain: Part Two, Financial Cost
WHITE PAPER: A World Of Opportunities: Your Focused Field Guide For Specialty Transport To Emerging Markets
ARTICLE: Defining: ISCgold And ISCsilver Ambient Temperature Profiles
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