Newsletter | April 15, 2020

04.15.20 -- Outsourcing Models And Best Practices

Revealing Response To A Hypothetical Question About Outsourcing Services

If you were in charge of establishing a bioprocessing contract manufacturing business, what service provider attributes would you ensure your company excelled at? Here's how your peers responded.

Improving Outsourcing Relationships

Sharing information doesn’t always come naturally in outsourcing relationships. This may be rooted in the early days of outsourcing, when there were more concerns about compromising one’s IP in the subcontracting process. However, as the dynamics of outsourcing relationships evolve, many drug innovators are shifting away from a client-vendor perspective (where the customer is always right) and are more than willing to improve sponsor-CMO relationships.

Outsourcing Motivations Should Guide One’s Outsourcing Approach

Outsourcing motivations are important considerations to identify the best outsourcing approach and should influence the type of relationships your organization develops with CMOs. Whether it’s cost-efficiency or time-savings, access to technologies, skills, scientific expertise, or capacity, there are many reasons for hiring a CMO.

Are Preferred Provider Agreements The Best Model For Outsourcing?

When it comes to choosing a contract manufacturer, reducing the amount of time it takes to select and qualify a supplier may save weeks or months as opposed to hours. Time reduction combined with the comfort of familiarity has paved the way for the preferred provider outsourcing model’s popularity.

Areas Of Growth For Oral-Dose Outsourcing

The long history and market dominance of oral dosage forms have made this category of drug product a good candidate for outsourced manufacturing. So how will the outsourced oral-dose manufacturing market look in five years?