Newsletter | September 3, 2021

09.03.21 -- Pursuing Drug Delivery Excellence: Overcoming Challenges Of Biologics

Risk Management In PFS Components Selection For Sensitive Biological Drug Formulations

Choosing the right containers and materials is critical but difficult, and no methodology can quickly assess the risk of drug/device interaction. Two risk-based test methodologies help to select the optimum closure materials and the correct syringe silicone level at the early phase of drug development.

Robust By Design — Overcoming The Biologics Challenge In Drug Delivery

The subcutaneous drug delivery route offers patients greater flexibility with home injections and provides considerable savings for healthcare systems. Autoinjectors used with prefillable syringes offer multiple benefits, from providing an accurate dosage to the reduction of needlestick injuries.

Integrating Human Factors Into The Product Development Process – BD Intevia 1 mL Two-Step Disposable Autoinjector

At BD, human factors activities are conducted throughout the phase-gated product development process, including conducting studies in an iterative fashion to identify and analyze incidents that have occurred and building on the learnings so that corrective actions can improve the device design.