Newsletter | February 1, 2021

02.01.21 -- Securing Today's Biomanufacturing Supply Chain

Security Of Supply In Cell And Gene Therapy Manufacturing

With so many challenges in cell and gene therapy manufacturing, building an adequate supply chain with the necessary equipment and protocols is critical for companies pursuing these life-saving drugs.

The Evolution Of Supply Chain Security — Increased Focus On Raw Material Variability

Qualifying two suppliers, increasing capacity, implementing a scorecard methodology for strategic suppliers, and surveying suppliers for their number of production lines are all important ways to guarantee steady supply of materials and technologies — but close attention must also be paid to raw materials.

Securing Today’s Biomanufacturing Supply Chain

Managing today’s supply chain complexity begins by transforming historically transactional relationships to those that drive suppliers to value-added status, working toward shared customer goals.

Business Continuity Program: Maintain Operations During Crises

Get insights into implementing a robust business continuity management program that can help secure supply, reduce risks, and maintain quality in manufacturing operations through a crisis situation.