Newsletter | July 16, 2020

07.16.20 -- Small Biotechs: Bringing Their A-Game To Biosimilars

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You Are Never Too Small To Think Big!
Your automation platform can be designed to expand with your business if you consider your design choices in the initial stages. Early platform design choices can greatly affect your speed-to-market you’re your ability to show compliance throughout regulatory reviews.
Expanded Droplet Digital PCR Multiplexing Capability Using Two Strategies
Droplet digital PCR (ddPCR) enables easy multiplexing of numerous targets within each fluorescent channel. Amplitude-based multiplexing achieves this by varying primer and/or probe concentrations. In probe-mixing multiplexing, probes are mixed at desired concentrations to place targets in a defined position on a 2D plot. This application note describes strategies for both approaches using the large portfolio of ddPCR assays readily available through Bio Rad.
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