Newsletter | October 28, 2020

10.28.20 -- Solve Viral Vector Vaccine Development Challenges

A Model System For Fast Screening Of Optimal Protein Purification Conditions

Identifying optimal purification conditions can be a time-consuming process that requires the evaluation of multiple parameters such as sample, resin, buffer system, pH, salt concentration, and flow rates. This study highlights a model system for screening optimal protein purification conditions on a mixed-mode cation exchange resin using a statistical software-generated design of experiment model.

Effective Downstream Purification For A Clinical-Stage Retrovirus-Like Particle

Purification of enveloped viruses and virus-like particles is challenging due to their size and complexity. This study demonstrates resin screening, process development, and scale-up purification of a retrovirus-like particle. This protocol is readily scalable, fast, low cost, simple, cGMP-compatible, and can be used for the capture step in clinical-grade manufacture of retrovirus vectors.

Viral Quantification: Adeno-Associated Virus Vector Genome Titer Assay

Recombinant adeno-associated virus (AAV) is rapidly becoming the vector of choice for human gene therapy applications due to the ability to achieve prolonged gene expression in a variety of tissues without a significant immune response or toxicity. Read about a highly precise method to determine AAV vector genome titers not unduly influenced by inefficient amplification or standard curve issues.


Webinar: Experts Share Solutions For Vaccine Development

Now available on demand. Our panel of experts addressed your questions about vaccine development and manufacturing. Discussion topics included tips that help overcome developmental hurdles, technologies that can shorten timelines, and novel tools for manufacturing and quality control.