Newsletter | October 19, 2022

10.19.22 -- Steps To Shore Up The Biopharma Supply Chain

High-Quality Resins Manufacturing During A Pandemic And Beyond

Explore an overview of the resin manufacturing process and how a reliable product discontinuation policy, commitment to business continuity management (BCM), and capacity expansion plans can help alleviate supply chain issues.

Tackling Supply Chain Challenges With Multisite Manufacturing

Gain a more thorough understanding of single-use technology, security of supply, and business continuity management, as well as the need to take action to benefit from multisite manufacturing.

Investments, Capacity Expansion, And Improvements

An ongoing strategic growth plan from Cytiva and Pall Corporation is expanding our manufacturing capacity and services across geographies for global life sciences customers so that we are able to better meet increased demand and have improved lead times for key products.

Dry Powdered Medium Milling Equivalency Study

Multiple manufacturing sites ensure security of supply for customers and offer enhanced business continuity management. Cytiva is a leading manufacturer of dry powdered medium formulations, with global manufacturing capabilities in the U.S., Austria, and Singapore. Our vision for cell culture media manufacturing is to globally harmonize manufacturing processes at all sites. This technical study was conducted to compare the pin mills and overall dry powdered medium manufacturing processes between sites.

Origin Equivalence Study: HyClone™ Characterized Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS)

Fetal bovine serum (FBS) is used in many cell culture applications, including viral vector production. FBS from a single origin may be limited, so qualifying FBS from other origins is one way to enhance security of supply. With that in mind, we evaluated Cytiva HyClone™ characterized FBS from the United States, New Zealand, and Australia on several performance metrics. We observed low intra- and inter-lot variation in all measured parameters, suggesting equivalence of the sera we evaluated.

What Makes A High-Quality Chromatography Resin?

Ever wonder how resins production works, and what it takes to produce a high quality resin with secure supply?
This animated video provides an overview of the resins manufacturing process, how Cytiva is securing the supply of resins for our customers, and the ways in which we're minimizing risk to the supply chain. The video shows the process for raw material supply management, business continuity management, and our capacity expansion plans for global resins facilities. You'll also see the Cytiva product discontinuation policy and how this assures continued supply, as well as how we apply sustainability principles within our production.


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