Newsletter | November 9, 2021

11.09.21 -- Strategies To Achieve High Cell Densities


Guidelines For Developing A High Cell Density Cryopreservation Process

Explore the integration of high cell density cryopreservation (HCDC) in the seed train, and learn key considerations for developing a cryopreservation process, including choice of cryoprotectant and freezing techniques.

Solutions For Higher Cell Densities
Prepare Your CHO Cells For Higher Productivity By Optimizing Perfused Seed Train

The conventional seed train process is time-consuming and labor intensive. However, there is a solution for achieving higher cell densities: using a perfused seed train with specially designed expansion cell culture medium. Watch the video animation to learn more.

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Cellvento® 4CHO-X Expansion Medium

Cellvento® 4CHO-X Expansion Medium has been developed for seed train expansion and especially N-1 perfusion for CHO cell lines. It is formulated with a high nutrient concentration to achieve low cell specific perfusion rates (CSPRs) at high cell densities.


Seed train intensification requires a new type of medium that facilitates high cell densities and prepares the cells optimally for production.


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EX-CELL® Advanced HD Perfusion Media

EX-CELL® Advanced HD Perfusion Medium is a chemically defined cell culture medium designed specifically for intensified perfusion processes with CHO cells. This medium was developed to reach and maintain high cell densities at low cell specific perfusion rates (CSPR), while supporting high volumetric productivities of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins in suspension culture.


Next-generation perfusion processes require a new type of medium to facilitate high productivity at low perfusion rates.

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