Newsletter | November 7, 2022

11.07.22 -- Take Control Of Your Biomanufacturing Capacity And Timelines

Saudi Arabia Government Leaders Discuss Agile Manufacturing Beyond Borders

Viruses and pandemics never respect borders, as the global biopharma industry witnessed in 2020. Learn how government leaders in Saudi Arabia planned for biopharma resilience beyond borders and used agile manufacturing to prepare for the unknown.

Biopharma Resilience: CDMOs Secure Supply Chain Management

Supply chain biopharma requires real-time collaboration and data information sharing to maintain biopharma resilience and agility. Learn how SanKav Pharmaceuticals provides medicine to market through available components, resources and raw materials that support on-time production lines and biomanufacturing processes.

Addressing Rapid Biomanufacturing Capacity Needs

Adapt to evolving biomanufacturing and rapid capacity needs with a KUBio™ box environment, KUBio™ modular facility and integrated FlexFactory™ configurable manufacturing train. Innovate and expand your production environment and workflow needs.

Standardization And Flexibility In Aseptic Filling

Aseptic filling has changed. The old paradigm of high-speed machines designed for a single format is no longer suitable. To ensure resilient manufacturing that supports efficient drug production, fulfillment and delivery to patients requires a common platform with flexibility in every aspect of the process. Learn how aseptic filling workcells provide flexibility at the core of a standardized system.

How Biopharma Can Address Specialized Skills Gaps And Improve Resilience

Global biomanufacturing supply chain improvements remain a top priority, with access to talent as one of the industry’s weakest areas to improve upon. A skills gap can slow production or even lead to manufacturing errors. Learn how professional training and education programs combined with advanced digital learning technology are key to train local talent and secure biomanufacturing resilience.

Biomanufacturing Capacity Solutions

Get to market faster in a modular, configurable, flexible way that solves for your resilient biomanufacturing capacity needs. Standardize or expand your production environments. Scale up or scale out as your strategy grows. Select the right scenario fit for your needs.