Newsletter | August 22, 2019

08.22.19 -- The Bright Side Of Biosimilar Progress

Featured Editorial
Cutting Through The Noise: The Bright Side Of Biosimilar Progress
By Anna Rose Welch, editor, Biosimilar Development

Because negative news and opinions seem to create greater waves, I thought I would take stock of the positive news that may not have come over your desks or (more realistically) cellphones in the past few weeks.

Applications For Single-Use Systems In Biosimilar Development
By Jerry Martin

The many benefits of single-use systems will make them an attractive choice for manufacturers as first-generation and next-generation drugs, or bio-betters, are introduced to the market. As originator drug batches get smaller and are made in single-use systems, biosimilars will follow suit.

How Two Recent Court Cases Could Impact Follow-On Biologics Strategy
By S. Ropka, D. Hillier, and A. Savit, Ph.D., Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider LLP

This article provides insight into two recent developments that will impact strategic and economic considerations for biologics makers, particularly as it relates to interchangeability and how patentees and challenges may approach patent portfolios.

Industry Insights
Cost Of Healthcare And Biopharma Implications
Article | By Nigel Darby, GE Healthcare Life Sciences

The pharmaceutical industry’s success has become something of a double-edged sword, and our healthcare systems are burdened with the costs of lifestyle challenges. Everyday, businesses and healthcare professionals must work diligently to improve our quality of life, but pricing and access will continue to be a global battle that the industry must take note of.

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