Newsletter | November 11, 2021

11.11.21 -- The Essential Components Of A Sterility Assurance Program

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Technology Transfers: A Beginner’s Guide

You may have questions and knowledge gaps regarding technology transfers. This beginner’s guide covers the basics and the three key phases of technology transfers.

Starting Your Sterile Injectables Program Off On The Right Foot

How can drug sponsors and developers leverage these increasingly strategic commercial fill/finish partnerships? Explore tips on how to put programs on a firmer footing.

Explore Protein Function Using Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)

We’ve collected a few examples of how an academic research group used Biacore X100 SPR system in their research to investigate protein-RNA, protein-protein interactions, and how researchers have used SPR to measure antibody specificity. Download the white paper A year of interaction with Biacore X100.

N-1 Perfusion High Inoculum Fed-Batch For Reduced COGS And Easy Retrofit

A mid-to-large biopharma wanted to increase productivity 2-3X in their fed-batch facility and also reduce their current cost of goods (COGS). With one small change in the upstream (USP) seed train, the customer was able to meet their goals.

8 Misconceptions About Embedded CDMOs

Access to the expert capabilities of embedded CDMOs is offering great economies and competitive experience to the sector.

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