Article | May 10, 2019

The Value Of Digital In Biopharma

Source: GE Healthcare Life Sciences

By Emmanuel Ligner


Digital: It’s the buzzword of today’s world. Partnering brings it to life.

I am absolutely convinced that digital technology is changing our company and the entire biopharma industry. Technology has been and will continue to be such an important enabler of all aspects of the business. GE Healthcare’s investment in digital stems from our corporate ancestry, as GE has led efforts to realize the industrial internet. Our colleagues in aviation have been pioneers and we are learning from their experience.

Digitizing the biopharma and healthcare industry is one of our main priorities, and we’ve started on that journey by making investments and sparking collaborations with other industry leaders to see results quickly. Recently, we announced a collaboration with Rockwell Automation to drive next generation bioprocessing technology.