Transcriptome Analysis In High-Producing CHO Cell Cultures: Strategies To Design High-Performing Cell Culture Media

Source: GE Healthcare Life Sciences
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By David Reinhart, Andreas Castan, Lukas Damjanovic, Wolfgang Ernst, and Renate Kunert

GE Heathcare

The present study investigates the beneficial effect of spiking HyClone™ ActiPro™ basal medium with HyClone Cell Boost™ 7a and Cell Boost 7b feed supplements on growth and productivity of a recombinant Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell line. To evaluate the impact of feed-spiking compared with cultivation in basal medium only, the cell line was grown in bioreactors under controlled conditions to determine cell-specific metabolic rates, nutrient consumption, and byproduct accumulation over the process time. Transcriptome analysis of the cultivated cells, using microarrays on four consecutive days to investigate differential gene expression, revealed the beneficial effect of feed-spiking compared with cells grown in basal medium.