Newsletter | March 18, 2020

03.18.20 -- Uncover The Next Generation Of Immunotherapies


In the last decade, researchers have been studying the biological mechanisms that initiate and control cancer cell growth. This research includes an effort to understand the tumor microenvironment and the influence of checkpoint inhibitors, facilitating the development of personalized therapies focused on treatment of the individual patient and their particular type of cancer.

Moving Forward With Immunotherapies For Cancer

Hear from experts gathered by Frost and Sullivan about early successes, current challenges, and the future outlook for the development of immunotherapies.

Utilizing The ZE5 Cell Analyzer To Monitor T-Cell Exhaustion And Effects Of Immunotherapy

Efficient monitoring of T cell surface markers, cytokines, and expression patterns is critical to the study of immunotherapies. Learn how the ZE5 Cell Analyzer enables you to test these multiple parameters simultaneously.

The Value Of Droplet Digital PCR In Monitoring Immunotherapy Effectiveness

Learn how Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR) technology can quickly aid in determining the effectiveness of immune checkpoint inhibitors and other immunotherapies.

Identifying Heterogeneity Within Rare Cell Populations By Pairing Single-Cell RNA-Seq With Cell Sorting

See how pairing a cell sorter with a single-cell sequencing solution enables isolation of a rare peripheral blood mononuclear cell population and characterization of heterogeneity within this population.

Bio-Plex Pro Human Immunotherapy 20-Plex Panel

The Bio-Plex Pro Immunotherapy 20-Plex Panel detects and quantifies a mix of cytokines, growth factors, and other valuable markers to provide insight during the discovery, development, and monitoring of immunotherapies.