Newsletter | September 26, 2019

09.26.19 -- Why This Biosimilar Initiative Is One To Watch

Featured Editorial
Why This Biosimilar Initiative In Rheumatology Is One To Watch
By Anna Rose Welch, editor, Biosimilar Development

In the first of what will be two articles, I’ll share how one large rheumatology practice, AHG, established a value-based pathway that increased its providers' reliance on infliximab biosimilars.   

Fixing The Follow-On Insulin Regulatory Approval “Dead Zone”
By C. Landmon and C. Gallo, Ph.D., Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider LLP

There is an upcoming regulatory “dead zone” that will potentially delay market entry of certain insulin products. A recent Senate bill has been proposed to address this regulatory anomaly. Industry players should monitor this bill and other efforts to address the insulin dead zone, given how critical this product is to so many people.

Does Gender Disparity In Biotech Really Matter?
By Matthew Pillar, editor, BioProcess Online

Why it does, and how one startup is winning the biotech talent wars with a diversity-centric strategy.

Industry Insights
Virus Reduction Of An Affinity Capture Step: Viral Clearance For Protein A
Case Study | GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Evaluating how much a process step contributes to viral clearance is an essential part of process validation in order to be sure you are manufacturing safe drugs. Learn more about how HiScale 10/40, packed with MabSelect PrismA, is a reliable choice for the capture step in a virus clearance study.

Now And Next: Mavupharma
Q&A | Jubilant Biosys

Mavupharma (Mavu), the drug discovery and development company, discusses the evolution of biopharma, drug discovery, development, and the road ahead for the industry in oncology.

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