• CDMO Selection In Our Post-COVID World

    In a post-pandemic world, we need to explore a broader view of our new reality. This article shares some of the concepts currently playing out in bio/pharmaceutical outsourcing that will impact your CDMO selection strategy. Additional discussion touches on how new outsourcing players will fit in and the path forward.


Ray Sison

Ray Sison is VP of pharmaceutical outsourcing and tech transfer at xCell Strategic Consulting and principal consultant at Vinco Pharma Solutions. He began consulting in 2011 after recognizing a need for expertise in pharmaceutical outsourcing among the discovery- and clinical-stage pharma companies he served as a business development representative for Patheon and MDS Pharma Services. Based on his experience, Sison provides insight to the CDMO’s business and operations, helping his clients negotiate and achieve better outcomes. Additionally, he has developed sound processes and templates to streamline CMO procurement to save time and cost. You can reach him at or connect with him on LinkedIn.