Article | July 26, 2019

Achieving Operational Efficiency In Today's Fragmented Market

Source: GE Healthcare Life Sciences

By Joseph Makowiecki – Enterprise Solutions Architect, GE Healthcare Life Sciences and Madhu Raghunathan - Product Strategy Leader at GE Healthcare Life Sciences

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A recent paper on trends in the biopharmaceutical market points to niche drugs for smaller patient populations, an intense focus on areas such as immuno-oncology, and more biosimilars as drivers for growing competition among companies targeting the same profit pool (1). As a result, biomanufacturers are looking for ways to improve process efficiency to cost effectively reduce risk in an increasingly fragmented global market. Process efficiency can be achieved in several ways, but you must ensure any changes to your process do not impose unnecessary restrictions that impact product quality, add complexity, or increase project timelines.

The goal is to use as few steps as possible to reach the ultimate industry goal—reliably manufacturing a safe, effective, high-quality drug at a price point that makes sense. Doing so requires a deeper look at how to streamline operations to continuously achieve maximum utilization and reduce waste without sacrificing quality in the race to be first to market.