Newsletter | April 28, 2023

04.28.23 -- Evolving Design Space Requirements For Biologic Combination Products

Imaging Large-Volume SC Injections Informs Effective Clinical Design

New higher volume, higher viscosity formulations for subcutaneous (SC) injection are being developed as alternatives to traditional intravenous treatment, enabling chronic disease therapy in alternate settings. However, such formulations pose additional challenges for delivery system development and require strong understanding of their impact on the SC tissue environment.

Impact Of PFS Needle Dimensions On High-Volume, High-Viscosity Fluid Delivery

High-volume parenteral delivery systems require consideration of both functional design and human factors to enable successful, consistent, and reliable delivery to the target tissue. Examine the influence of needle inner diameter and length on delivery time across a range of fluid viscosities using a prototype auto-injector device.

Improving The Injection Experience In Chronic Care

The common needle length for subcutaneous (SC) drug delivery has been 12.7 mm for decades. But improper self-injection technique has increased the risk profile for these needle dimensions. Discover how new BD Neopak™ XtraFlow™ syringes with shorter needles and thinner wall cannula technology are set to improve the injection experience for SC drug delivery.

Wearable Injectors: An Alternative To Traditional Intravenous Administration

This successful early feasibility clinical study of the BD Libertas™ Wearable Injector demonstrated consistent functional performance as designed with broad subject acceptability across all demographic categories and injection sites. Learn more about how these results hold great promise for the future of subcutaneous chronic disease therapies.

BD Libertas Wearable Injector

BD Libertas™ Wearable Injector is designed to deliver subcutaneous injections of large-volume (2-5 mL or 5-10 mL) and/or high-viscosity (up to 50 cP) fixed dose biologics for the non-acute setting. Explore the improved patient experience offered by this advanced delivery system.

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