Newsletter | August 30, 2023

08.30.23 -- Futureproof The Design Of Your Biomanufacturing Capacity

How To Best Optimize mRNA Production Workflows

Multiple steps in the mRNA manufacturing process can appear more complex than they need to be. Applying an integrated, end-to-end approach comprising modular, singular-use technologies can provide the flexibility that batch size considerations for mRNA production require. Learn how to simplify your approach and produce the best possible mRNA vaccines and therapeutics. Watch the video.

Futureproofing The Design Of Manufacturing Capacity

Meeting current and future demand for lifechanging therapeutics requires collaboration, creativity, and flexibility around drug manufacturing. Hear insights from CDMO Bionova Scientific on how using the FlexFactory™ process train — and the speed and flexibility of a single-use facility — can help reduce project timelines, remove supply chain constraints, and accelerate products to market. Hear their story.

Biopharma Resilience: CDMOs Secure Supply Chain Management

With increasing demand for new drug entities and lifechanging therapeutics, the availability of raw materials and components to support timely, resilient biomanufacturing is critical. Learn how SanKav Pharmaceuticals uses a FlexFactory™ approach to process, package, and release products to meet customer needs. Hear their story.

Access cGMP Biomanufacturing Capacity Faster

Did you know, the vast majority of bioprocess data generated is never looked at, due to silos of information? Luckily, centralized bioprocess data collection and aggregation lowers the risk of data loss during any manual retrieval process. And you can also eliminate the need to “gown up” just to collect your data. Learn how you can reduce paper stacks of data, enable data collection outside of the manufacturing suite, and ensure rapid changeovers while maintaining safety and regulatory compliance.

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Simplify Bioprocess Data Collection

Utilize the efficiencies and flexibility of a data and reporting solution that can be scaled up to meet future manufacturing and regulatory reporting requirements. Learn how FlexFactory™ historian helps deliver aggregated data, advanced visualization, and both standard and custom reports to optimize operational efficiency across the biomanufacturing process.