HiTrap Fibro PrismA Units

Source: Cytiva

Fiber-based rapid cycling chromatography units for high-throughput mAb purification in research and process development.

Perform high-throughput mAb purification with ready-to-use HiTrap Fibro PrismA units for research and process development. Fiber adsorbent supports rapid cycling chromatography with cycle times of minutes instead of hours for chromatography resins.

With HiTrap Fibro PrismA you can:

  • Purify mAbs and Fc-containing fragments using rapid cycling chromatogrpaphy. Cycle times are less than 5 minutes compared with hours for chromatography resins.
  • Increase throughput up to 20-fold over that for resin-based chromatography and perform a full life time study in one day. This cuts weeks from lead times in process development.
  • Achieve high-throughput purification of up to 500 mAbs per week for cell line or candidate screening.
  • Run Fibro PrismA units on an ÄKTA chromatography system for real-time UV, pH and conductivity detection.

The HiTrap Fibro PrismA adsorbent has a protein A cellulose fiber matrix with an open pore structure where mass transfer is governed by convective flow. This structure allows high mAb binding capacities at very short residence times by using rapid cycling chromatography. This results in cycle times of minutes instead of the hours needed for resin-based chromatography. Dynamic binding capacity is ~ 30 mg IgG/mL matrix. The Fibro technology platform is designed to scale up to manufacturing scale. The units will range from research scale with a capacity of approximately 12 mg per purification cycle (0.4 mL units) to GMP compatible units that can process up to 2000 L bioreactor harvest or 14 kg mAb in one working day by cycling multiple times.