Newsletter | July 24, 2023

07.24.23 -- mAbs On The Express Lane

Scale Your Process Directly From 3 L To 2,000 L

In the biotech industry, being able to quickly produce a batch at the right time and at the right size is essential to support development and get to the finish line faster. Learn how a CTDMO accelerates paths to compress processes while minimizing risk and ensuring product quality.

How An Optimized Purification Platform Can Speed mAbs Clinical Production

Getting your antibody to clinical trials faster while building a robust, scalable, and high-yielding process is a challenge many biotech companies face. Here, we showcase our purification development platform and how it enabled Igyxos Biotherapeutics to simplify and accelerate their clinical trial supply while achieving high-quality material.

A Molecule’s Journey: Break Down Roadblocks To Clinical Success

Making the right decisions at the right time is crucial to the success of a biopharma executive. In this guidebook, experts share key considerations to help biopharmaceutical companies successfully advance a molecule from laboratory to clinic as quickly as possible without sacrificing product quality, process efficiency, or patient safety.

Accelerated mAb Development Program

Ready to accelerate your timelines? Our new program delivers GMP drug substance in just nine months from transfection. It is designed to be fast, cost-effective, and appropriate for the early clinical phases of your program, with CMC regulatory support throughout. Learn more and contact our experts today.