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National Survey: Biosimilars' Savings Appeal, But Patient Knowledge Lags

A new survey from the Biologics Prescribers Collaborative gauges patients' understanding of biologics and biosimilars and explores what motivates patients to switch medications

Washington, DC /PRNewswire/ - A national survey from the Biologics Prescribers Collaborative reveals that about half of people who have taken an innovator biologic or follow-on biosimilar report knowing only "a little" about the medications. Cost savings are the factor most likely to motivate patients to switch from an innovator biologic to a biosimilar.

Key Findings

Patient Knowledge Gap
While 46% of survey respondents have had been receiving an innovator biologic or biosimilar for between one and five years, respondents varied in how much they knew about the medications.

  • 50% reported knowing "a little" about biologics and biosimilars.
  • 36% did not know that biosimilars are generally less expensive than their innovator biologic counterparts.
  • 55% did not know that interchangeable biosimilars can be swapped with their innovator biologic at the pharmacy level without the prescribing clinician's involvement.
  • 68% said they'd turn to their doctor for more information.

Patient Confidence and Trust
Respondents were largely confident in biosimilars, the treatments' safety and their effectiveness. They also agreed (85%) that biosimilars benefit the health care system.

  • 95% reported trusting innovator biologics, while 91% said they trust biosimilars.
  • The majority said biosimilars are as safe (74%) and effective (71%) as their innovator biologic.
  • 70% agreed that biosimilars save patients money.

Patient Experience
Two-thirds (66%) of respondents had taken a biosimilar, and the majority (84%) of those who'd taken a biosimilar had switched from an innovator biologic.

  • 43% cited their clinician's recommendation as the reason for switching from a biologic to a biosimilar.
  • 41% said the biosimilar worked better, 33% said the biologic worked better and 22% didn't perceive a difference.

Cost savings are the primary factor that would lead patients to consider switching. Nearly half (49%) of surveyed patients said they would consider switching if the biosimilar would save them money.

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The Biologics Prescribers Collaborative is a coalition that aims to ensure that sound policies are in place to promote the safest possible use of all biologics, including biosimilars, for all patients.

Source: Biologics Prescribers Collaborative

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