Newsletter | June 27, 2024

06.27.24 -- Novel mAbs? Be Empowered To Innovate

The Cure For The Cure

Traditional aseptic filling solutions can introduce contamination and variability, posing a risk to the safety and efficacy of personalized medicines. To address this issue, one company is utilizing advanced technologies such as robotics, gloveless isolators, and machine vision to automate the filling process without direct human contact.


Optimization Of A Two-Step Purification Method For Bispecific Antibodies

Bispecific antibodies (bsAbs) have gained increasing interest in recent years for their ability to bind two antigens, offering unique modes of action in comparison to monoclonal antibodies. Explore results from a collaborative study focused on the development of an efficient two-step purification process for a cancer immunotherapy bsAb.


Systems To Facilitate Speed To Market And Manufacture Of New Therapies

Hear from Natasha Kelly, one of the Bioprocessing Specialists at Cytiva, on how the bioprocessing industry has evolved over the last few years. Additionally, learn about the company's investment in designing modular systems to help speed up the development of life-saving therapies.


Navigating The Diverse Antibody Pipeline With Chromatography Innovations

Molecular diversity is increasing rapidly for biotherapeutics. To help make the most of these new therapeutic possibilities, both manufacturing and process development technologies need to evolve. Watch to learn how to select the right resin for your antibody variant purification project.